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three Children low res
This was a favorite in my booth at a recent art show, and is still available! 24x30 cradled wood wit
Girl on Beach
White Cow_ Palette knife
White Horse 3  .jpeg
White Horse 2
Leipers Fork Barn.jpeg
Cow Commission
Blue Jay 3 .jpg
Rooster 3 .jpg
Lavendar Field 3 .jpg
Pumpkin Patch 3 .jpg
Owl 3 .jpg
Moving On Down the Row 3 .jpg
Day-3, Hawaii .jpg
Siamese Cat 3 .jpg
Girl with jacket 3 .jpg
Blue Jay 3 .jpg
Lavendar Field 3 .jpg
Golden Retriever 3 .jpg
Girl on Beach 3.jpg
Day 1 Eifeel Tower 3 .jpg
Milo 3.jpg
Black and White Gateway cows 3 .jpg
Sunflower, original oil by Carol DeMumbrum.jpg
Shadow Dancers- palm trees 3 .jpg
Belle Meade Creek 8x8 .jpg
Heron 3.jpg
Purple Flowers 3 .jpg
Daffodils 3 .jpg
Horse eating grass 3 .jpg
Boston Terrier at beach 3 .jpg
Cows in Landscape 3 .jpg

In my work you will find plein air landscape paintings, as well as portraits of children and pets.

I would love to hear from you!!!

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