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 Following my heart where it leads me.

I'm a graduate of O'More College of Design and based in my hometown of Brentwood, Tennessee. 

Growing up on a dairy farm inspired me at a very early age to draw and paint the natural beauty surrounding me. After graduating from O’More, I worked as a graphic artist and illustrator for Lifeway Christian Resources until the birth of my first son and continued working as a freelance artist.


I joined the daily painting movement over 15 years ago, and my work is now being collected around the world. It can be found on internet sites: Daily Paintworks and Etsy. I work in oils, choosing subjects that stop me visually and touch me emotionally. I have adapted a painterly, impressionistic style that expresses my affinity for nature. Learning is a never-ending process and I continue to develop and refine my artistic talent through workshops, research, travel, and frequent excursions to museums and galleries.


I feel so blessed to live with my husband and sons on the land that inspired me at an early age and continues to inspire me every day.

You can often find me involved in the art community or taking workshops with artists that inspire me such as—


Colin Page

Kevin Macpherson

Dreama Tolle Perry

Nancy Franke

Matt Smith

Kevin Menck

Anne Blair Brown

Lori Putnam

Dawn Whitelaw

Seth Haverkamp

"I paint what stops me physically and touches me emotionally."

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BA - O'More College of Design

Harris School of Art- Fine Art (3 years)

Upcoming Art Show

Chestnut Group— Plein Air

November 1-5 Friends of Radnor Lake 2023



The Chestnut Group - Plein Air Group

American Impressionist Society

Portrait Society of America

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